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Corporate Photography Promotion

Studio Quality Corporate Photoshoots right at your Doorstep

Why Work with Me?


Our Lighting Equipment and Cameras are professional grade, built and designed to provide you the best quality of light to bring out the best side of you.


With over 7 years of professional photography experience with natural and studio lights, in studio and in environment. You know you will be taken care of.

Posing Experience

With the right mirroring poses, there’s no need for your experience in posing. Bring out the natural side of you in photos and let your authenticity shine.


Portraits are not taken by having you just stand and sit and look at the camera. Amazing portraits need the right prompts to bring out the real you.

Value for Money

We have competitive pricing providing exceptional quality, convenience and value Need something outside of the package? Message us and we will make it work


Need a variety of photos and poses for your a news article, company magazine or Linkedin? Everything and anything is possible with us!

Pricing Packages

We have multiple packages to suit your requirements and budget. With various proficiencies in different industries, I have a unique ability to provide you more than what an average photographer can do for you and your personal branding or business needs. For portfolios, feel free to send me a message and I can send you samples of what I can do for you.

Professional Resumes

Having worked with a resume writing agency before in my career, I have the competency on crafting professional resumes that are designed to get you your next job whether or not you are a fresh graduate, someone who is in a veteran in your industry, or someone who is looking to switch industry. I have the writing capability to get you your next job! Need an online version as well? Not a problem!

Online Pitch/Slide Deck

The art of a presentation does not only have to be through a powerpoint presentation. It can also be in a mobile-friendly page for your clients or customers to take a look at. Request for an example!

Food/ Product/ Interior Photography

My expertise is not only on portrait photography. I do food photography for restaurants all over Singapore, product photography for e-commerce stores and Interior photography for interior design studios and real estate agents. If you are in any of these industries, ask me to show you some portfolio and I will gladly send some over. Not in any of these industries, let me know so we can work together to find out how I can help your business.

Business Classic

*Complimentary* Passport Photo (U.P S$49)
*Complimentary* Professional resume (U.P S$49)

Personal Branding and Business Deluxe

*Complimentary* Passport Photo (U.P S$49)
*Complimentary* Headshot (U.P S$99)
*Complimentary* Professional Resume (U.P S$49)
Choose One
*Complimentary* Online Resume (U.P S$49)
*Complimentary* Online Pitch or Service Deck (U.P S$99)
*Complimentary* Food/ Product/ Interior Photography (U.P S$199)

Group Portraits

Choose One
*Complimentary* Online Pitch Deck or Service Deck (U.P S$99)
*Complimentary* Food/ Product/ Interior Photography (U.P S$199)
Additional Benefits (Valid for One Year)
Client’s Rate for Event Photography at S$149 (1 Hour)
Client’s Rate for Videography at S$199 (<1min Video)
Client’s Rate for Videography at S$499 (<5min Video)

Business Classic

$ 99 .00
  • 1 Corporate Portrait
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • *Complimentary* Passport Photo (U.P S$49)
  • *Complimentary* Professional Resume (U.P S$49)

Personal Branding

$ 199 .00
  • 3 Corporate Portraits
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Backdrop or Environmental
  • *Complimentary* Passport Photo (U.P S$49)
  • *Complimentary* Headshot (U.P S$99)

Choose One

  • *Complimentary* Professional or Online Resume (U.P S$49) or
  • *Complimentary* Online Pitch Deck or Service Deck (U.P S$99) or
  • *Complimentary* Food / Product / Interior Photography (U.P S$199)

Business Deluxe

$ 299 .00
  • 5 Corporate Portraits Photos
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Backdrop and Environmental
  • *Complimentary* Passport Photo (U.P S$49)
  • *Complimentary* Headshot (U.P S$99)

Choose One

  • *Complimentary* Professional and Online Resume (U.P S$49) or
  • *Complimentary* Online Pitch Deck or Service Deck (U.P S$99) or
  • Complimentary* Food / Product / Interior Photography(U.P S$199)

Group Portraits

fr $ 250 .00
  • Base Fee of S$250 (2-hour Time Slot)
  • Price on Photos based on Quantity (Request for Quote)
  • Indoor | Outdoor | Studio (Fees for Studio Separate)
  • *Complimentary* Online Pitch Deck or Service Deck (U.P S$99)

Additional Benefits (Valid for One Year)

  • Client’s Rate for Event Photography at S$149 (1 Hour)
  • Client’s Rate for Videography at S$199 (<1min Video)
  • Client’s Rate for Videgraphy at S$499 (<5min Video)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Duo Portraits reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms
  2. Additional Charges are applicable for the following
    1. Studio Rent Option – Request for Quote
    2. Express Editing Services (<5 Working Days) – SGD 150 SGD
  3. This package does not included makeup, hairdo or wardrobe services.
  4. One Image available by next working day
  5. The editing of the photos is expected to take within 10 – 15 working days after selection is made known depending on the number of photos required.
  6. Colour will be provided for each photo. Black and White Photo will be provided upon request.
  7. Backdrops for Personal Portraits available are Black, White, Faded Blue and Abstract Gray
  8. All photos are professionally edited and provided in digital copies and sent via Dropbox.

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What my clients say about me

Thanks so much for the corporate shoot that you have done for the management team.

Its been great working with you as you are so approachable and the management had a good time too. Your attitude definitely helped relax them for the shoot, which translates into the great results in the final work! I know that we had multiple changes onsite but thank you so much for accomodating to all our requests! Its great that you are able to adjust quickly between the different shoots and managed to push out the same wonderful effects to each of the subject. It’s definitely not easy as our management team is so different from each other!

Overall, we are really happy with the experience and thanks so much for everything!


It was my first photoshoot, and Eugene helped me get comfortable and taught me some basics. Overall it was a memorable experience, as he was generous with his time and showed no rush during the session. And when he shared the photos’, they were terrific. I highly recommend Eugene, especially if it’s your first time! 😁


Eugene is a very talented and meticulous photographer! This was my very first photoshoot and he gave me advices that helped me a lot. Throughout the session, he engaged us in small talks and made this whole experience much more enjoyable. He really knows his stuff and and pays great attention to details. The final edits are amazing and I look stunning in it! Please do contact him for any professional photoshoot. I’m very sure you won’t regret it!

Keong Pei Yu

Eugene is an excellent photographer who is very patient. It was my first time going for a photoshoot and I very nervous about my posture and eugene calm me down with various small convo to make me more calm and thereafter we are able to capture nicer shots! He always taught me which side is my better angle and how can I post better for future photoshoots. The photo edits after the photo taking were top notch, the edits were great and very professionally done. I would strongly recommend anyone to go for Duo Portraits photoshoot if they can only choose to go with 1 photo studio as Eugene possess the best attitude, right equipment and is definitely the right photographer for you!

Jeffry Tay

Eugene is the definition of a professional photographer. I love the edits. 我从来不知道我可以这么美, 哈哈哈😆。engage Eugene and you will enjoy the good service I received. Another plus point is he is early for the outdoor shoot. When asked why he came early, he said he needed time to set up the equipment. 大家,这个是个良心商,可以支持。👍🏻

Liyan Ong

He is a real professional photographer. He did his best every moment! I highly recommend!

Tencho Kang

I have worked with a few professional photographers myself, and Eugene is one of the best I have worked with so far. He is very efficient, professional and has the talent in capturing YOUR best angle. Definitely recommend him for any of your personal and corporate photoshoots. Thank you Eugene for your hard work and dedication. Appreciate it much! 🙂

Christelle Seah

Great photographer with experience and knows how to guide me for posing. Highly recommended! 👍👍👍👍👍

Asvoria Kuan

Eugene is very friendly and kind. I was nervous and didn’t know how to pose, but he was great at showing me what to do. He answered all my queries with patience and made me feel comfortable by chatting with me throughout the photoshoot. He was flexible and even went the extra mile by offering to help take photos of me with my baby boy who was at home! The photographs turned out great too. I don’t normally like many photos of myself cos I feel I look awkward, but I picked out quite a few that I liked which Eugene had taken. I’m very happy and satisfied with the photos. Great and professional service by Eugene indeed 👍 Do let him have a chance to photograph you!

Cheryl Mah

Eugene was great – friendly and kind. Probably used to taking portraits of people who are not comfortable in front of the camera.. hence he knows how to lighten the mood and make the process enjoyable. The pictures turned out great. You should give him a chance especially if you dislike the formal feel of photo studios

Angela Cheong

I have always find doing a photo shoot stressful, as i am not a professional model. Eugene would bring his studio to your house. He is very friendly and he put me at ease straight away. Doing it at my own home was not only convenient, but also comfortable and made me felt very relaxed, and able to be natural facing the lens. Of course, Eugene is very skilled in capturing my most flaterring angels. The photos captured my natural self, though it was a corporate portrait, which is so important for connecting with my clients. Excellent work! I would highly recommend Eugene!

Ang Ai Nee

Love how the photos turned out. If you’re looking for a photographer who could lighten the mood and make it less awkward for you, Eugene is the one whom you should go to. Thanks Eugene for the great experience and capturing the best angles of me.

Karen Tan

Companies I’ve worked for

About Me

Hi, I’m Eugene. An internationally recognised Wedding Photographer. You can find my other company called Insprimophotography here. As you can see, you are not working with a photographer who just bought a camera. You will be working with someone who fully understands using light strobes, light modifiers and the works. With my mobile backdrops that can be set up anywhere, professionally done photos can be done in an instant.

Don’t worry about not knowing how to pose. That’s the job of the photographer. It’s my job to bring out the best in you. All you have to do is select your outfit and just be present. Let me handle the rest. Interested? Send me a message. Let’s make photos together.

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